Wondering what zodiac signs are good friends for a cancer sign? Consider these signs for the best friendship compatibility for a Cancer.

For this water sign, quality is definitely better than quantity when it comes to friendship. They would rather have a handful of friends over for Saturday night barbecue than hang out with a big group that’s not really all that close when the shots stop coming in at the bar.

If you’re a Cancer yourself, then your friends have probably already told you how much they love coming over to your place for your delicious home-cooked meals. But not everyone can be swayed to your side by good food.

To get a better idea of who you will (and won’t!) get along with in life as a Cancer, here are the zodiac signs that make good friends or bad enemies for a cancer sign.

Zodiac Signs that Make Good Friends for a Cancer Sign

Good Friends or Bad Enemies for a cancer

1. Taurus

If you could consider one of the other 11 signs in the zodiac your twin, it would be Taurus. You guys get each other on a deep spiritual level. You both value the same things – stability and comfort. Cancer and Taurus are the biggest homebodies in the Zodiac, and they could always turn a weekend indoors into a good time. 

2. Scorpio

It comes as no surprise that a fellow water sign could also be one of your best friends in life. Let’s face it – not everyone is down to talk about deep, emotional stuff, but you can count on Scorpio to be! They, too, feel deeply about things, and they’re not afraid to show it. Although the sting of Scorpio can sometimes make the Crab want to crawl back into its shell, they are both committed to their friendship, enough to make sure that they resolve any differences.

3. Pisces

Yes – water signs love their fellow water signs. Pisces once again is always interested to hear about how you felt when you saw your ex with their new bae for the first time since the breakup. They’re always going to be there for you at your lowest moments and always with a creative way to cheer you up. Although you may sometimes feel a bit, hurt when the Fish flakes out on your plans, they always make up for it one way or another.

Zodiac Signs that Make Bad Enemies for a Cancer Sign

Good Friendship or Bad Enemies for a cancer

1. Aquarius

“Enemies” may be a strong word, but you definitely won’t feel the spark of friendship with these signs right away, starting with Aquarius. This fixed air sign’s rebel nature is the complete opposite of everything you stand for.

It’s not wrong to liken them to the cold, harsh wind that snuffs out the hearth in your home. They are also quite stubborn and often unwilling to discuss important, emotional topics, so it’s possible that your friendship won’t really go anywhere. If you encounter them in a tense situation, their aloof or maybe even temperamental demeanor could definitely rub you the wrong way.

2. Sagittarius

Your idea of adventure may be trying out a new restaurant on a different block, which may not really sit well with this fire sign. The fact that you don’t really have many common interests would make it difficult for you to bond with a Sagittarius.

They are also quite notorious for saying things as soon as they come to mind, and you could easily interpret this as insensitivity. And for someone who values emotions, that’s a big no-no for you.

3. Libra

Although this air sign may be easy to like at first, you may soon realize that you don’t really get this person thanks their compelling wit and charm. This is because you two have quite different motivations.

While you tend to look for significant emotional connections in your friendships, Libra puts their mind first and seeks intellectual stimulation. Another thing is talking about difficult topics. Instead of clearing the air no matter what it takes, Libra would much rather avoid conflict for as much as they can. 

Yes, these lists give you a good idea of which people you could or could not get along with based solely on sun signs. But try to remember to keep an open mind! People can always surprise you.


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Zodiac Signs That Make Good Friends or Bad Enemies for a cancer

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