Curious about some Cancer zodiac sign facts? Here are some astrology traits and tidbits about the water sign of Cancer. 

Typically, Cancers are highly intuitive and sentimental, making them some of the most challenging individuals to get to know. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and represents the Crab, hence, one of the Water signs.

Because of their emotional and sensitive side, it’s no surprise that Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves. In fact, this can make them overly moody. And like a real crab, a Cancer is more of an introvert, as they can easily retreat into their “shells.”

On another note, Cancer shows a deep love and care about their families, often, adopting the caregiver role. So, while people around them may have to put up with a Cancer’s foul mood, this sign is also incredibly loyal and committed people.

Today, we will be looking more into a Cancer’s character including their positive and negative traits, and their best and worst matches.

What Is A Cancer? Astrology Facts And FAQ About This Water Sign

cancer zodiac sign

Cancer Sign Dates

Cancer season starts on June 21 and ends on July 22. People born between those dates are a Cancer sign.

Cancer Sign Facts

Below are some facts about Cancer:

  1. The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon, alluding to the sign being as responsive, reflective, and receptive as the Moon.
  2. As a water sign, a Cancer has impressive self-awareness, feeling more deeply than other signs.
  3. It signifies the Crab, hinting at the Cancer’s self-protective and sensitive nature.
  4. The metal associated with Cancer is elegant silver, representing wisdom, grace, and beauty.
  5. Like Cancers’ delicate nature, these people are best represented with a white rose, an elegant, subtle, yet widely loved flower.
  6. Cancer is related to Pearl, which signifies calm, integrity, and loyalty.
  7. As for its colors, it’s associated the most with violet, silver, and white.
  8. It belongs to the fourth house.

What is the personality of a Cancer sign?

As a sign that’s ruled by the moon, which represents self-care, maternal energies, and comfort, Cancers are usually domestically-oriented. As such, they love creating a safe, cozy space that will be their own haven. Cancers even invest a lot of time and money in just decorating their personal space. Needless to say, they’re homebodies, so they take great importance in ensuring that they have a place where they can feel safe and comfortable.

Furthermore, due to their emotional, maternal influences, a Cancer tends to be more very accommodating. They go extra lengths, even twisting themselves into knots, just to make their loved ones more comfortable and feel better. Interestingly, despite being huge softies, they’re able to think ambitiously. They’re determined individuals who are natural at initiating bold plans.

Their emotional depth is impressive and they can be really sympathetic. Plus, given their Crab symbol, this probably explains how they avoid direct conflicts. Ironically, their passive-aggressive side can also sting other people. Also, with their intense connection to their emotions, they can be snappy and moody. This is especially the case when rubbed the wrong way and when they’re in a particularly sensitive state. These crabs can also be an enigma, not revealing too much of themselves except for their inner circles.

cancer astrology sign

What are Cancer strengths?

1. Caring
Cancers are caring and tender-hearted people. They’re also very nurturing and attentive, possibly an extension of their inherently great emotional depth. They are some of the most loyal friends and loved ones you could have. And because of their great attention to detail, they are incredibly thoughtful and do great things to people close to them.

2. Creative
Blessed with wild imaginations, Cancer individuals make great writers. In fact, they are often dubbed as a creative genius. They may not be the best communicators but they love expressing their love and appreciation for others through poems and writings, or any other artistic ways.

3. Protective
As loyal people, Cancers are also exceptionally protective of their people. They deeply cherish their family and close friends, so much so that they will go out of their way to protect them at all cost. And because the Cancer sign is strongly linked to the image of home, they are especially protective of their homes and their family members.

4. Intuitive
For a person with intense emotional ability, a Cancer is naturally reliant on their intuition, rather than on practical or logical sense. Due to their superior emotional intelligence, it wouldn’t be a reach to say that Cancers are psychics. This unique ability essentially makes them a human lie detector, spotting fakeness, or lie from a mile away.

What are Cancer weaknesses?

1. Moody
One of the popular weaknesses of Cancers is their moody attitude. If their emotional needs are not met, they can turn broody and moody. They are too deep into their emotions (hence, their high emotional intelligence) that it’s easy for their mood to switch from elated to sad.

2. Vindictive
Cancers can be quite petty, and often, vindictive. While they are kind and selfless, when things go their way, these angry crabs will get back at those who’ve wronged them. Their intense emotions can make them insecure and at times, manipulative.

3. Unable to let go
Cancers are the type of person who will forgive you but will never forget what you did. Their bad experiences from long ago will leave them with a scar. Such negative feelings associated with those sufferings can linger and return from time to time. These repetitive thoughts could only distress them further.

4. Clingy
When it comes to affection, a Cancer can be a bit clingy and overbearing. A good reason for this is Their imaginative side can also get them in trouble, obsessing, and clinging over a situation until they have the answer.

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Who should a Cancer marry?

Here are some of the best matches for a Cancer sign: Scorpio, Pisces, and Virgo

  • Scorpio
    • One of the best love matches for Cancer is Scorpio. A Cancer’s possessive tendencies will make Scorpio secure and feel wanted in their relationship. Meanwhile, a Scorpio’s passion will bring out Cancer’s introverted self from his/her shell. Each of the sign’s innate personality is complimentary with each, resulting in a very harmonious marriage.
  • Pisces
    • Like Cancers, Pisces represents water. They love fiercely and often lose themselves in love. This is great for Cancer, who wants commitment and someone who will take care of them.
  • Virgo
    • Another good pairing is Cancer and Virgo. Both signs love looking after their loved ones, so naturally, their union will be amazing.

Who should a Cancer avoid?

Aquarians love fun and variety whereas Cancers long for peace, sanctuary, and security. Also, a Cancer’s sour mood can annoy and aggravate Aquarius. Aquarius people are rarely moved by another person, too, something that will contradict with a Cancer’s appeal to emotions.

Aries is also a bad match for Cancer, as the former is too bold and self-centered for the caring, motherly Cancer. Moreover, Aries has a reputation for starting things and not finishing them, while Cancers tend to not let go of things.


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