My Sign Is Cancer

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6 Fantastic Tips On Raising Your Cancer Zodiac Child

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Raising a child is already such a big undertaking. It can be even more of a challenge if you can’t get a complete read on your little one. This can sometimes be if your child was born between June 21 and July 22 – astrologically speaking, that makes them Cancer! If you have no idea […] Read more…

6 Things Only True Cancer Signs Understand

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Considering what a cancer sign’s strengths are? There are unique qualities for this water sign and things only true Cancers would understand. Whether your fate of being a Cancer is proof of the influence of the stars on your traits or the fact that you simply just happened to be a summer baby, you’re here […] Read more…

8 Strengths of Cancer: Best Parts About Being A Cancer Sign

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Searching for Cancer strengths to show off to your zodiac friends? Here are the best parts about being a cancer sign. If you have a Cancer sign in your life, then you’re lucky because you’ve found yourself one of the most loyal creatures as your person. Or if you’re a Cancer-born individual yourself, then odds […] Read more…

Cancer Constellation – Learn Facts About The Crab

Cancer Constellation – Learn Facts About The Crab

Curious about the Cancer constellation for water signs? Find out more about the stars in the sky for Cancer zodiac signs. Have you ever looked at the night sky and had a chance of connecting the stars to form a shape? Well, you are not alone! This “practice” goes way back, even during ancient times. […] Read more…