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How To Attract A Cancer Man

Are you attracted to Cancer man? If so, then you’ve found yourself a human teddy bear! But don’t be mistaken–albeit a real gentle character, he doesn’t lack personality either. Rather, he’s the type to build up enormous walls around him as his way of protecting himself. He’s also a sensitive lad, which makes him intuitive, not to mention attentive to those around him. When it comes to anything, he takes his time so he can be certain of his decision. He can be frustratingly moody, too–one day, he’s shining brightly like the sun. The next he would be walking around with a dark cloud following him. 

So, how do you make him like you then? Read on to know more about your Cancer guy.

How do you know if a Cancer man likes you?

Wondering if a Cancer man likes you? Is he dropping hints but is hard to read? Or maybe you’re dating a Cancerian but still aren’t sure if he’s genuinely into you or just stringing you along? Here are some signs that show he likes you for real.

He spends more and more time with you.

He’s relaxed around you.

He’s showing you kind and protective gestures.

He opens up to you.

He follows through his word or promise.

His body language says so.

He likes locking eyes with you.

He’s openly affectionate with you, even in public.

He talks with you about the future.

He cooks for you.

He introduces you to his family.

7 Tips on How To Attract A Cancer Man

Cancer men aren’t into hook-ups. They enter into a relationship with devotion and commitment in mind. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, then you’d best get in your way because a Cancer man isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you want a long-term relationship, a Cancer guy is worth attracting.

1. Make the first move.

You have to know that males born under the Cancer sign don’t naturally make the first move. This is because they’re in too deep with their self-protective mode that the fear of rejection gets the better of them. So, befriend him and be prepared to take the initiative in transforming your friendship into something more. But never be pushy!

2. Don’t pry into his life.

Pry into his life, and he’ll instantly freeze you out and clam up. Avoid asking too many personal questions. If you notice his body language changing when you ask something, stop there and change the topic. Just get to know him better through wherever your conversation with him takes you both. Oh, and make sure to listen and talk with him with genuine interest. 

3. Talk about your family

Family is significant to a Cancer man. Tell him about your childhood, your hometown, and your family. When talking about families, you may also want to bring up the topic of children. He’s a family man, and he will want his partner to be open with having a family. 

4. Don’t hesitate to show your vulnerability.

Cancers are natural protectors. For your man, he’s gonna assume the traditional man role. Ask him to help you in times of need. If not, you can ask for his advice or guidance. Besides, he’s a good listener. This also shows that you trust him enough to show your vulnerable side. 

5. Show him you’re a kind person.

Often, Cancerians date genuinely nice people. That’s because they’re attracted to their kind–caring and sweet souls. Of course, you don’t always have to give something to a charity. Rather, be kind to the people around you, and once he notices this, his interest in you will surely skyrocket. 

6. Be feminine.

When you’re with him, put your ladylike side on display. No, we don’t mean to wear a miniskirt and a pair of high heels. In fact, modesty is one of his values. A combination of intelligence, grace, and beauty is his ideal woman. 

7. Show him your nurturing side.

Throw nurturing into the mix, and you’d surely get his attention. Cancer men love domestic goddesses. Aside from this, you can also show your nurturing side by being supportive of him. Nurture both his goals and emotions so he can feel safe to express whatever he’s feeling with you. 

He’s sweet, charming, and romantic–what more could you ask for? But here’s the thing, he doesn’t just let anyone in on his life. Earning his trust would be no easy feat. But once you do, for as long as you’re with him, you’ll be rewarded with love and devotion. 


How To Attract A Cancer Woman

Like their astrology animal, crab, Cancer women feel most comfortable at their homes. While they’re naturally cautious individuals, they’re also some of the most loving and loyal people towards those they hold dear. When in a romantic relationship, they make amazing partners once you get past their ironclad shell. Cancer is a water sign, and thus, is ruled mostly by her emotions. As a matter of fact, she’s one of the most vulnerable in the zodiac. As her significant other, you have to understand and accept her unpredictable tides of emotion. She can also be shy, so don’t expect to know everything about her on the first date. Let her lead the pace when it comes to getting to know each other. 

Since you’re here reading this article, then we’re guessing you’re smitten with a Cancer woman? Her kindness and loving nature is probably the one thing that made you like here. Here are some tips on how to attract her. But first off….

How do you know if a Cancer Woman likes you?

A Cancer lady is a great person to have around, but you have to first get through her tough exterior before that. It would be a lot easier on your end if you knew she likes you, too. And so, here are the signs that tell she’s into you.

She agrees to a date with you.

She keeps in contact.

She flirts with you.

She frequently looks you in the eye.

She subtly looks after you.

She’s opening up to you.

She wants to be with you a lot.

She asks you to meet her parents and family.

She often cooks for you.

She enjoys cleaning your space.

She dresses prettily to impress you.

7 Tips on How To Attract A Cancer Woman

Do you want to date a Cancer woman yet still haven’t figured out her true personality because she can be happy at one second then distant the next? As a sign that’s ruled by the moon, her moods are known to wane and wax, and like the water, she’s both deep and passionate. Below are ways on how you can win her:

1.Be kind and caring

A caring man is a Cancer girl’s kryptonite. While she loves a macho man, she appreciates a kind and caring guy the most. Be a real gentleman and treat her with respect and love. Ultimately, she’ll hold you in high esteem. 

2.Highlight your domesticated side

An average Cancer woman’s dream is a white picket fence and 2.3 children. She’s a homebody at heart, so she’s unlikely to settle with someone who isn’t a nesting person. Let her show that you’re the domesticated type and you love children. 

3.Have a good sense of humor

She’s a girl that enjoys light-hearted humor. Make her laugh, and you’d surely score high with her. Just make sure to avoid taking a jab at her because she’s known to take any criticism about herself to heart. If she laughs at your jokes, then it’s a good sign. 

4. Do not rush her

Cancer women don’t like to be rushed, whatever it is about. When building a relationship with her, take it slow. She believes that a relationship gradually grows strong, not overnight. Be prepared for a long and slow courtship. Rushing her will mean losing her. 

5.Be an old-school romantic

Her idea of romance is quite old. Things like dining, romantic dates, walking by the beach, and stargazing are what she loves most. She’s naturally drawn to a guy who knows and uses traditional romance. 

6.Ask her about her family

Family is a big part of what she is. Ask her about her roots to get to know her better. 

Often, it’s her main priority before anything else. Be understanding if she frequently visits her family. When you meet them, make sure to make a great impression.

7.Be cuddly

A Cancer won’t turn down a chance to spoon with her partner. No, it doesn’t have to be a sexual touch. A simple touch on her arm or caressing her hand when you’re talking is enough. Physical affection assures her that you aren’t going anywhere. 

We hope this article has helped you in any way. Just remember that behind her shell of aloofness is actually a great gal. You need to know how to break through her walls. Once she has let you in on her heart, you’d realize soon after that she’s worth it. 


6 Signs a Cancer Man is Done with you

Has your Cancer man been distant with you lately? Knowing the telltale signs that he doesn’t like you anymore is crucial if you want to prepare yourself. The thing about love is that it can be quite tricky. The worst scenario is when you’re the only one left in the boat. While love truly does prevail, there’s nothing much you can do when it’s one-sided. Well, other than to move on, that. But this can be hard, especially if your guy is a Cancer native. He’s one of the best guys out there to be in a romantic relationship with. That said, can you know that he wants to call it quits already? Should you start setting yourself free?

Here is what his astrology sign can tell us and how you can know that he’s done with you.

1. You haven’t met his family or friends yet

When a Cancer man has lost interest in you, this can manifest in the relationship between you and his dear ones. You should know that he’s the type to want to introduce his partner to his family, but only when the girl is the love of his life. If he hasn’t done that yet, then he may not be as invested as you are in your relationship. 

2. He’s suspiciously considerate

There’s a blatant difference between a man who’s a good person and a man in love. A Cancer guy in love is evident in his texts, calls, and conversations with you. If you’re now on the receiving end of curt yet still polite responses or random, senseless conversations, then odds are, he’s just considerate with you. He probably doesn’t have the heart to tell you he isn’t interested anymore. 

3. Romance has taken the back seat

Cancer men excel in the romance department. It’s just how the universe works. Remember those thoughtful gifts he gave you? What about those sweet surprises? Or even just the little yet touching things he said? However, if he’s done with you, you’ll know. Yes, you really will because all those romantic gestures will never make an appearance again. If you can’t remember the last time he did something romantic, then this is another red flag. 

4. He no longer tells you things

When you’re in a romantic relationship with someone, it naturally means being part of your partner’s life and vice versa. Although it isn’t necessarily you who he talks to first about everything, you surely know what’s going on. If your Cancer man feels like a stranger, he likely doesn’t feel as strongly as he did for you before when he used to tell you things. You can try talking to him to see if it’s only a phase. If not, then it’s best to let it go. Call it off yourself. He might be waiting for you to do it so he won’t have to. 

5. He has grown cold and even rude

Cancerians, in general, are amazing people. Nevertheless, you may have met a jerk. Your Cancer guy can be that too if he doesn’t like you anymore. If not, he will take the nice guy approach who wants to break up but doesn’t have the heart. Either way, if your relationship continues, you’ll notice that he has gone cold. Later on, outbursts and fights will be inevitable, too. 

6. No intimacy. Nada. Nothing.

Still, aren’t you fully convinced that your man is tired of your relationship? If intimacy has long since been lost in your relationship, then it’s guaranteed that it’s over between you. A Cancer man, in particular, breathes romance and craves intimacy. So, if both are out of the equation, then your relationship is basically doomed. It’s a good sign if he still responds to your advances, but if not, then it’s as good as over. You should salvage your heart and walk out. Being with a man who doesn’t love you will never lead to good things. Give it time, and maybe you’ll meet your dream man next. 


7 Signs a Cancer Woman is Done with you

Cancers are calm in nature. They are the water signs, which means they feel things a bit more deeply than most people. At their best, they’re very kind and nurturing. However, they can be quite moody too. For women, especially, their feminine nature makes them moodier than their male counterparts. And if you’re wondering if your Cancer woman is done with you, then take a look at her behavior, and you’ll figure it out. For instance, she may start spending more time alone until you realize that you haven’t seen her for some time already. 

Want to know more about the signs that show she’s most likely not interested in you anymore? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Read these red flags below:

1. She’s ghosted you

A Cancer woman has a kind soul. Often, she could leave or go off the grid because she doesn’t want to confront you and talk about your relationship. She will become very nervous and feel threatened. If she demands you to give her space to gather her thoughts and emotions, she’s likely thinking your relationship through. And without any warning, she’ll start blocking until you acknowledge that she’s fine without you.

2. She avoids seeing you

Have you done something to make her feel used or disrespected? If so, then don’t be surprised if she’s trying to avoid you at all costs. That’s how she is. Gone is the girl who used to crave to be with you constantly. Instead, she’ll be the master of excuses so that she can push you away and ignore you. She likely won’t give you closure and leave you confused instead. 

3. She seems to have lost any romantic streak on her bone

You might have known best how your woman used to be so loving and intimate with you, but now that isn’t the case anymore. A Cancer female in love is no doubt caring and joyous. She’s a protective hen to everyone she holds dear. However, when someone hurts her, she will stop being emotionally vulnerable to that person. You may never see a glimpse of that romantic side of her again.  

4. She’s prone to sudden outbursts

When your girl can no longer take it, she can blow out our curse you. She’s a romantic at heart, but once her trust is broken, she’ll be on her full guard, and it’d be tough to get past her walls. She will show her displeasure to you without thinking of the outcome. All those bottled-up feelings and frustrations will burst one day. 

5. She feels discontented most times

Have you wronged her in some way? You should know that she can hold a mean grudge against you. If this happens, she will feel disconnected. Even when you’re together, she won’t be genuinely enjoying those times with you. Rather, she’ll ignore your efforts until she has lost attachment to you. She’ll try to hold on to her vindictive side for as long as possible, but then be prepared if you cross the line. 

6. She has become very secretive

On the outside, a Cancer woman looks incredibly friendly and jovial. However, like their animal symbol, the Crab, they’re not the most open people you’ll ever meet. In fact, they’d never reveal themselves unless you’ve proven your worth. If she wants to get done with you, she will start keeping things from you, especially if it involves her well-being. She’d become too secretive that you’d notice it soon enough. 

7. She isn’t communicating with you

When was the last time you had a real good conversation with your girl? Is she closing you out lately? A Cancer female’s first instinct who has resentment against her partner will be to avoid the guy. No matter how much you try to converse with her, she’d let you see how disinterested she is in talking with you. This may also be her way of controlling herself from lashing at you because she’s too soft-hearted to be the one to call it over. 


What Is A Cancer? Astrology Facts And FAQ About This Water Sign

Curious about some Cancer zodiac sign facts? Here are some astrology traits and tidbits about the water sign of Cancer. 

Typically, Cancers are highly intuitive and sentimental, making them some of the most challenging individuals to get to know. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and represents the Crab, hence, one of the Water signs.

Because of their emotional and sensitive side, it’s no surprise that Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves. In fact, this can make them overly moody. And like a real crab, a Cancer is more of an introvert, as they can easily retreat into their “shells.”

On another note, Cancer shows a deep love and care about their families, often, adopting the caregiver role. So, while people around them may have to put up with a Cancer’s foul mood, this sign is also incredibly loyal and committed people.

Today, we will be looking more into a Cancer’s character including their positive and negative traits, and their best and worst matches.

What Is A Cancer? Astrology Facts And FAQ About This Water Sign

cancer zodiac sign

Cancer Sign Dates

Cancer season starts on June 21 and ends on July 22. People born between those dates are a Cancer sign.

Cancer Sign Facts

Below are some facts about Cancer:

  1. The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon, alluding to the sign being as responsive, reflective, and receptive as the Moon.
  2. As a water sign, a Cancer has impressive self-awareness, feeling more deeply than other signs.
  3. It signifies the Crab, hinting at the Cancer’s self-protective and sensitive nature.
  4. The metal associated with Cancer is elegant silver, representing wisdom, grace, and beauty.
  5. Like Cancers’ delicate nature, these people are best represented with a white rose, an elegant, subtle, yet widely loved flower.
  6. Cancer is related to Pearl, which signifies calm, integrity, and loyalty.
  7. As for its colors, it’s associated the most with violet, silver, and white.
  8. It belongs to the fourth house.

What is the personality of a Cancer sign?

As a sign that’s ruled by the moon, which represents self-care, maternal energies, and comfort, Cancers are usually domestically-oriented. As such, they love creating a safe, cozy space that will be their own haven. Cancers even invest a lot of time and money in just decorating their personal space. Needless to say, they’re homebodies, so they take great importance in ensuring that they have a place where they can feel safe and comfortable.

Furthermore, due to their emotional, maternal influences, a Cancer tends to be more very accommodating. They go extra lengths, even twisting themselves into knots, just to make their loved ones more comfortable and feel better. Interestingly, despite being huge softies, they’re able to think ambitiously. They’re determined individuals who are natural at initiating bold plans.

Their emotional depth is impressive and they can be really sympathetic. Plus, given their Crab symbol, this probably explains how they avoid direct conflicts. Ironically, their passive-aggressive side can also sting other people. Also, with their intense connection to their emotions, they can be snappy and moody. This is especially the case when rubbed the wrong way and when they’re in a particularly sensitive state. These crabs can also be an enigma, not revealing too much of themselves except for their inner circles.

cancer astrology sign

What are Cancer strengths?

1. Caring
Cancers are caring and tender-hearted people. They’re also very nurturing and attentive, possibly an extension of their inherently great emotional depth. They are some of the most loyal friends and loved ones you could have. And because of their great attention to detail, they are incredibly thoughtful and do great things to people close to them.

2. Creative
Blessed with wild imaginations, Cancer individuals make great writers. In fact, they are often dubbed as a creative genius. They may not be the best communicators but they love expressing their love and appreciation for others through poems and writings, or any other artistic ways.

3. Protective
As loyal people, Cancers are also exceptionally protective of their people. They deeply cherish their family and close friends, so much so that they will go out of their way to protect them at all cost. And because the Cancer sign is strongly linked to the image of home, they are especially protective of their homes and their family members.

4. Intuitive
For a person with intense emotional ability, a Cancer is naturally reliant on their intuition, rather than on practical or logical sense. Due to their superior emotional intelligence, it wouldn’t be a reach to say that Cancers are psychics. This unique ability essentially makes them a human lie detector, spotting fakeness, or lie from a mile away.

What are Cancer weaknesses?

1. Moody
One of the popular weaknesses of Cancers is their moody attitude. If their emotional needs are not met, they can turn broody and moody. They are too deep into their emotions (hence, their high emotional intelligence) that it’s easy for their mood to switch from elated to sad.

2. Vindictive
Cancers can be quite petty, and often, vindictive. While they are kind and selfless, when things go their way, these angry crabs will get back at those who’ve wronged them. Their intense emotions can make them insecure and at times, manipulative.

3. Unable to let go
Cancers are the type of person who will forgive you but will never forget what you did. Their bad experiences from long ago will leave them with a scar. Such negative feelings associated with those sufferings can linger and return from time to time. These repetitive thoughts could only distress them further.

4. Clingy
When it comes to affection, a Cancer can be a bit clingy and overbearing. A good reason for this is Their imaginative side can also get them in trouble, obsessing, and clinging over a situation until they have the answer.

cancer sign compatibility

Who should a Cancer marry?

Here are some of the best matches for a Cancer sign: Scorpio, Pisces, and Virgo

  • Scorpio
    • One of the best love matches for Cancer is Scorpio. A Cancer’s possessive tendencies will make Scorpio secure and feel wanted in their relationship. Meanwhile, a Scorpio’s passion will bring out Cancer’s introverted self from his/her shell. Each of the sign’s innate personality is complimentary with each, resulting in a very harmonious marriage.
  • Pisces
    • Like Cancers, Pisces represents water. They love fiercely and often lose themselves in love. This is great for Cancer, who wants commitment and someone who will take care of them.
  • Virgo
    • Another good pairing is Cancer and Virgo. Both signs love looking after their loved ones, so naturally, their union will be amazing.

Who should a Cancer avoid?

Aquarians love fun and variety whereas Cancers long for peace, sanctuary, and security. Also, a Cancer’s sour mood can annoy and aggravate Aquarius. Aquarius people are rarely moved by another person, too, something that will contradict with a Cancer’s appeal to emotions.

Aries is also a bad match for Cancer, as the former is too bold and self-centered for the caring, motherly Cancer. Moreover, Aries has a reputation for starting things and not finishing them, while Cancers tend to not let go of things.


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