Browsing for the bad parts of being a Cancer? These are some of the negative traits and weaknesses for Cancer signs.

Surrounding yourself with Cancer can be the best thing that will happen in your life, but it could also be the worst. These water signs, although very loving and compassionate, are far from perfect. Here are the things you have to watch out for as you walk on eggshells when they are around!

5 Negative Traits and Weaknesses For Cancer Signs


1. They are very moody

One of the things that you have to watch out for is their mood swings. For a second, they could be very jolly and then annoyed the next. The smallest things could set them off, from a very slight inconvenience in their life or even just how the way you talk would send them to a terrible mood.

It is best to know what they like or does not like, and as much as possible, refrain from exposing them to things that could ruin their day. Although unavoidable, the good thing about them is that they don’t get offended when you call them out for being insensitive. They would take this as constructive criticism and slowly unlearn the things that need improvement.

2. They are pessimistic

It is very exhausting to be around people who only see the negative side of things. But for Cancer, they see itself as being realistic. They tend to overthink and map out all the bad things that could happen and have a back-up plan if worse comes to worst. Not bad, right? But to some extent, this could not be very pleasant.

As mentioned, you could call them out for this, but this takes a lot of getting used to. They are known to have trust issues, so it is important always to reassure them and be there for them, especially when the going gets tough. They must be reminded that there are people who would stick with them no matter what happens.

3. They can be easily manipulated

Cancers are very gullible. It is ironic for someone with trust issues. But this is because they easily believe the people they are closest to. When it comes to their inner circle, they have no problem breaking down their walls and trust in them.

With that being said, it is important to watch out for other people who would take advantage of their innocent and genuine souls. And of course, to be not that friend who betrays their trust! These people should not be taken for granted, as they only want what’s best for everyone.

4. They are unpredictable

Did your Cancer friend decide that she wants pizza for dinner? Hold that thought, sister. She might change her mind at the last minute. This is very hassling, especially when you have things sorted out, but this is something that Cancers can’t help.

They could get very unpredictable and tend to ruin things for everyone, especially when they get insensitive and fail to look at things in a bigger picture. Again, you could call them out for this, and they won’t get offended, but it still does not make their drastic change in actions any less annoying! 

5. They are capable of holding grudges

You would not want to get to their bad side because they can hold it against you. Once you do them wrong, do not expect them to just easily forgive and forget, especially when you are someone dear to them. They treasure the closest people in their lives and give their full trust, and the moment you betray them, they would keep on bringing it back or sit in silence while they hate you from a distance.

This is something that they could really work on, especially when it gets toxic and unreasonable. But don’t worry, once the both of you can compromise and meet halfway, things would go back to normal in no time.

They might be a pain in the ass, but they are YOUR pain in the ass. It sure is a lot of work, but they are still the same sweethearts you met before. Just like with anything else, communication is key! Once things get out of hand, you can sit down and talk with them. Here is to better relationships – romantic or not.


Cancer Sign Negative Traits And Weaknesses You Should Know About

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