Curious about new ideas for dates with a Cancer sign? Treat them right and help your Cancer zodiac relationship grow.

Dating should be this fun, magical thing that you get to explore with a person you like. Of course, the goal of dating is to get to know each other and see if you share all the right interests and goals actually to be in a relationship together.

The best way to do that, in case you didn’t know yet, is to go on a kick-ass date! To successfully do that, you should at least have an idea of what your potential future bae is like.

Too shy to ask them? Fear not! If they’re born between June 21 and July 22, then you at least know their zodiac sign; they’re a Cancer.

Ideas for Dates with a Cancer Sign

If you don’t know a lot about this cardinal water sign and what they’d enjoy doing on a date, we’ve got your back. Here are ideas for dates with a cancer sign.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Date Ideas

1. Binge-watch romantic films with all their favorite snacks

Being a water sign, Cancer loves love probably more than anyone else you could ever meet. So why not indulge their sappy-loving nature by curating a list of binge-worthy rom-com films that you could water together? If you want extra points, you could also make an effort to prepare their favorite movie snacks. The Crab definitely likes food, and they might like you even more if you give them some.

2. Build a pillow fort together… then take a nap (no joke)

One of the first things to know about Cancerians is that they like to maintain comfort and stability in life. They’re definitely not the type to make plans to go out every single Friday night. Instead of that, you could invite them to build a badass pillow fort where you could both take the best naps in. Don’t rule this out until you’ve tried it!

3. Learn how to cook their favorite meal in their own kitchen

This can’t be said enough – Cancer signs love good food. They love it maybe even more than they love staying in (okay…maybe they love those two things equally). Hit two birds with one stone by offering to cook their favorite meal for them. It’s romantic, and, let’s face it, everyone wants to experience being playful in the kitchen while on a date – just like in the movies. 

Creative Ideas For Dates With A Cancer

4. Practice a new craft together

As mentioned, the Crab is a cardinal sign. This makes them keen to explore new ideas and experiences – that is, if they’re not too far from their comfort zone. You should take it as a compliment if they’re willing to try new things with you since it usually means that they trust you enough to let you see them in a vulnerable state. Whether it’s candle-making or slime-mixing, they would definitely appreciate you letting them explore their creative side.

5. Take them to a local animal shelter to give unlimited belly rubs

If you don’t know this already, you’ll find out soon enough that your love interest has an incredibly nurturing personality. They love taking care of other creatures and making sure that they’re doing well. So you could take them to an animal shelter where you could both volunteer to do something nice for the animals. But be warned if this isn’t really your thing; Cancerians are very intuitive, and they can see through people when they’re not genuine with their feelings or actions.

6. Go out to a fancy restaurant to meet their family and/or friends

If you feel like you’re at that point in your relationship where you’re ready to take things to the next level, then why not ask if they’d be willing to introduce you to the people closest to them? If you’re able to gauge the situation right, then they’d definitely be touched by the gesture of you asking first. Additionally, since there’s almost nothing more important to them than the people they consider family, it would mean a lot to them that you’re willing to meet them.

Your Cancer boo might be too limited within their shell sometimes, so it’s up to you to make them feel comfortable enough to explore new things. Just keep in mind that you know them better than their sun sign before trying any of these out.


Cancer Zodiac Sign Date Ideas Creative Ideas For Dates With A Cancer

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