Looking to attract a Cancer zodiac sign woman? Here are solid tips to attract that Cancer female in your life.

Like their astrology animal, crab, Cancer women feel most comfortable at their homes. While they’re naturally cautious individuals, they’re also some of the most loving and loyal people towards those they hold dear.

When in a romantic relationship, they make amazing partners once you get past their ironclad shell. Cancer is a water sign, and thus, is ruled mostly by her emotions.

As a matter of fact, she’s one of the most vulnerable in the zodiac. As her significant other, you have to understand and accept her unpredictable tides of emotion.

She can also be shy, so don’t expect to know everything about her on the first date. Let her lead the pace when it comes to getting to know each other. 

How To Attract A Cancer Woman

Since you’re here reading this article, then we’re guessing you’re smitten with a Cancer woman? Her kindness and loving nature is probably the one thing that made you like here. Here are some tips on how to attract her. But first off….

Solid Tips On How To Attract A Cancer Woman

How do you know if a Cancer Woman likes you?

A Cancer lady is a great person to have around, but you have to first get through her tough exterior before that. It would be a lot easier on your end if you knew she likes you, too. And so, here are the signs that tell she’s into you.

  • She agrees to a date with you.
  • She keeps in contact.
  • She flirts with you.
  • She frequently looks you in the eye.
  • She subtly looks after you.
  • She’s opening up to you.
  • She wants to be with you a lot.
  • She asks you to meet her parents and family.
  • She often cooks for you.
  • She enjoys cleaning your space.
  • She dresses prettily to impress you.

7 Tips on How To Attract A Cancer Woman

Do you want to date a Cancer woman yet still haven’t figured out her true personality because she can be happy at one second then distant the next? As a sign that’s ruled by the moon, her moods are known to wane and wax, and like the water, she’s both deep and passionate. Below are ways on how you can win her:

1.Be kind and caring

A caring man is a Cancer girl’s kryptonite. While she loves a macho man, she appreciates a kind and caring guy the most. Be a real gentleman and treat her with respect and love. Ultimately, she’ll hold you in high esteem. 

2.Highlight your domesticated side

An average Cancer woman’s dream is a white picket fence and 2.3 children. She’s a homebody at heart, so she’s unlikely to settle with someone who isn’t a nesting person. Let her show that you’re the domesticated type and you love children. 

3.Have a good sense of humor

She’s a girl that enjoys light-hearted humor. Make her laugh, and you’d surely score high with her. Just make sure to avoid taking a jab at her because she’s known to take any criticism about herself to heart. If she laughs at your jokes, then it’s a good sign. 

Tips On How To Attract A Cancer Woman

4. Do not rush her

Cancer women don’t like to be rushed, whatever it is about. When building a relationship with her, take it slow. She believes that a relationship gradually grows strong, not overnight. Be prepared for a long and slow courtship. Rushing her will mean losing her. 

5.Be an old-school romantic

Her idea of romance is quite old. Things like dining, romantic dates, walking by the beach, and stargazing are what she loves most. She’s naturally drawn to a guy who knows and uses traditional romance. 

6.Ask her about her family

Family is a big part of what she is. Ask her about her roots to get to know her better. 

Often, it’s her main priority before anything else. Be understanding if she frequently visits her family. When you meet them, make sure to make a great impression.

7.Be cuddly

A Cancer won’t turn down a chance to spoon with her partner. No, it doesn’t have to be a sexual touch. A simple touch on her arm or caressing her hand when you’re talking is enough. Physical affection assures her that you aren’t going anywhere. 

We hope this article has helped you in any way. Just remember that behind her shell of aloofness is actually a great gal. You need to know how to break through her walls. Once she has let you in on her heart, you’d realize soon after that she’s worth it. 


7 Solid Tips On How To Attract A Cancer Woman



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