Searching for more information about the Cancer sign symbol? Learn more about the origin and meaning of the symbol for Cancer zodiac signs.

You are not alone – a lot of Cancers, just like you, are curious about what their sign is all about. What the symbol stands for, what they are known for, and a whole lot more.

Other people get into astrology as a way of getting in touch with their inner selves; it wakes up their intuition and makes way for an amazing journey of self-discovery. The field of astrology has been there the moment people wondered and looked at the night sky.

Cancer Symbol – Origin and Meaning for the Cancer Sign

It evolved to be something that humans could pattern not only on their personalities but also on other natural phenomena. Sit tight, and enjoy this quick trip to the stars as we unravel what Cancer, also known as the Crab, is all about!

Cancer symbols meaning

Where It All Began

As mentioned, astrology’s art goes way back—the Babylonians associated this zodiac with a similar marine species, which they called the crayfish. But as established in classical Greece, the Crab is the name of the constellation and the sign. Being a cardinal sign, Cancer marks the start of the season. In ancient times, the constellation of Cancer is placed at the sun’s most northerly location, which represents summer solstice. 

More often than not, Cancer was considered the “Dark Sign,” as it is described to be a black figure with no eyes. There are also origin myths surrounding the Cancer sign. From Zeus being involved in a family mess because of a bastard son to Hercules being attacked by a giant crab, there are many more fun stories to tell!

What The Symbol Means

Although the Latin word for Cancer, the Crab has Mesopotamian origins, having emerged at around 1000 BC. The symbols of the zodiac sign are related to the myth about it. Looking at the symbol, the Crab shows a sideways “69”, which represents crab claws or a woman’s breast. Cancer is a sign of womanhood and motherhood. With that being said, Cancers are known to have undeniable qualities of being a caring, passionate, and loving individual. 

There are also other interpretations of the symbol. A circle, in astrology, denotes spirit during a crescent mind. Having the circle attached to the crescent tells us of Cancer’s connection to both the material and the spiritual world. Other astrologers believed that the symbol stands for the sun and the moon in phases. The two circles represent new and full moons connected by the 2 arches of the crescent-shaped moon. Lastly, the “69” resembles the yin yang; it shows the essence of maintaining balance and establishing harmonious relationships.

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Who They Are

It is established that the Cancer symbol represents womanhood – qualities that fall under this category include sensitivity, femininity, and creativity. Cancers are known to be refreshing and nurturing individuals who would take great care of you, whether you are friends or romantic partners. Water signs would go with the flow. As long as something makes you happy, Cancers would do their very best to maintain the peace and happiness inside of you. 

They are also known to be emotional. It only takes a blink of an eye for Cancers to be heavily invested in something; it may be a person or a material thing, and they will hold on to this dearly. One of the most attractive things about Cancer is its ability to make any place, any moment, feel like home. They could hand you a home-cooked meal while you’re struggling to get through your eight-to-five job, or they would give you a warm hug that feels like – ironically – cold coffee in the morning. 

Now that you know more about Cancer as a zodiac sign, it is high time to know more about the other signs in your natal chart! As long as you know your time and place of birth, you are good to go. While astrology is not backed up by science, it still does not make it any less fun. Also, hearing stories about your sign and figuring out how it connects to what we know now is truly fascinating. Nothing like discovering patterns while learning more about yourself, right? 


Cancer Symbol Learn The Origin and Meaning for the Cancer Zodiac Sign


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