There are many elements for Cancer zodiac signs. Learn more about Cancer sign symbols and associations here.

Cancer-born people are primarily known for their great sense of intuition and emotions, on top of being nurturing and sensitive. Like all zodiac signs, Cancer has its fair share of good and bad traits. In a positive light, they’re loyal, caring, protective, and intuitive.

Cancers have the ability to exist in both material and emotional realms. Also, their psychic abilities are quite notable, as they can easily pick up whatever vibe in a room has.

These crabs are as highly sensitive as they are incredibly self-protective. On the flip side, they’re overly sensitive, moody, and vindictive. They can also come off as distant at first. However, with time, people will see their gentle nature and genuine compassion like no other. 

Cancer Sign Symbols And Associations – Cancer Zodiac Sign Elements

Want to explore more about this water sign? Let’s go over Cancer’s symbols and associations one by one. 

Cancer Zodiac Sign Associations

Symbol: the Crab

Cancer is represented by the Crab. It’s also the Latin word for crab. Like real crabs, Cancers have a reputation for retreating into their shells if they feel threatened. They’re sensitive and shy natures and are usually night owls. They’re the most comfortable when surrounded by their dear ones at home. Cancers also like chilling in the bath, as well just like how a crab is drawn to the water. Moreover, these people can cling with all their might and won’t easily let go of anything once they’ve got their claws into it. 

Glyph: Breasts and Arms

In its simplest form, you could say the Cancer’s glyph represents two big claws of the crab. It looks like numbers 6 and 9. That said, if you consider the nurturing and protective nature of the Crab, you can easily denote that the circles represent a mother’s breasts while the curved lines are arms that protect and nurture her children. 

Ruling Planet: the Moon

The Moon alludes to a Cancer’s personal feelings and unconsciousness. It stands for security and habitual patterns, in addition to your ability to empathize and be nurturing to others. Furthermore, the Moon represents control and dominion of a Cancer’s self emotion. 

Element: Water

Being a water sign, Cancer is attuned to the waves of emotions. Often, they come with a built-in radar for reading a mood. Because of their sensitivity, they know when to care and when to protect themselves. Their instinct to assess a situation first by putting out an air of aloofness but they’re actually warm at heart. 

Modality: Cardinal

Cardinal signs are the initiators. They’re the ones to set things in motion at the appropriate time. They dream big AND actually make things happen. Cancers are often misunderstood as cry babies because of their super emotional traits. While they can be soft and affectionate, their drive is also like steel. 

Associated house: the Fourth House

As the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer belongs to the Fourth House, which rules security. This means that you as a Cancer want to settle in and get comfortable. The house stands for the stuff that gives you comfort. You will always carry the urge to seek security and comfort as long as you live. This is mostly because of your self-protective nature that intensifies your desire to live life in a comfortable home. 

Constellation: Cancer

The constellation of Cancer is the faintest of the 13 constellations of the zodiac. Thus, it won’t be a surprise if many haven’t seen cancer yet. Although on moonless nights, it’s fairly easy to spot in a dark country sky. Castor and Pollux (the two brightest stars of the Gemini constellation) shine on the side of Cancer. 

Cancer Sign Symbols And Associations

Color: Violet, Silver, White

Cancer people are known as peacemakers with amazing wisdom and often an aura of mystery. Because of this, the violet color is linked with this sign. There’s also silver, feminine energy which denotes the Moon (ruling planet of Cancer). Another color associated with Cancer is white, representing purity and completion. 

Metal: Silver

Silver is best associated with Cancer as it corresponds to the sign’s emotional nature. 

Flower: White Rose

Cancers are usually drawn to white flowers, specifically White Roses. White roses have an elegant, subtle, and delicate nature, which all point to Cancer. These flowers are also universally adored just like how Cancers are widely applauded as some of the most loyal and compassionate people in the world. 

Gemstones: Pearl

The gemstone most associated with the Cancer sign is the pearl. This stone is also interestingly called “the teardrop of the moon.” It symbolizes purity and sensitivity that can soothe the mood swings of the Cancer native. The pearl also speaks about friendship, devotion, and faithfulness. 

Famous Cancer Celebrities: Meryl Streep, Lindsay Lohan, Ariana Grande, Sylvester Stallone, and Ringo Starr.


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