Curious about the Cancer constellation for water signs? Find out more about the stars in the sky for Cancer zodiac signs.

Have you ever looked at the night sky and had a chance of connecting the stars to form a shape? Well, you are not alone! This “practice” goes way back, even during ancient times.

Even now, many people are fascinated with the field of astrology, as it not only sheds light on their deepest and darkest secrets, but it is also a fun thing they could spend their time on – reading through horoscopes, learning about the signs, and many more. Cancer, as you know, is not only a zodiac sign; it is also a constellation that you solemnly stare at when the night sky is clear.

Cancer Constellation – Learn Facts About The Crab

More than just connecting the dots, it is time to learn about the constellation. Sit back, or lay comfortably in bed, as you are enjoying a front-row seat to a crash course on the facts behind one of many constellations!

Cancer Constellation – Learn Facts About The Crab

Facts About Cancer Sign

Found in the Northern celestial hemisphere between the Leo and Gemini constellations lie the Cancer, one of the zodiac’s twelve constellations. However, it is impossible to see the Cancer constellation with the naked eye or binoculars!

But to paint a picture, it looks like an upside-down “Y.” Though it can’t be visibly seen, Cancer is the 31st largest constellation in the sky. It has two Messier objects – the Beehive Cluster (M44, NGC 2632) and M67 (NGC 2682).

Additionally, Cancer houses 10 named stars that have been officially approved by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). The constellation was first recorded by Ptolemy in the 2nd century AD, along with describing the Beehive cluster as “the nebulous mass in the breast of Cancer.”

Myths About Cancer

Just like anything else, Cancer has an origin myth, also known to be the shortest myth to have ever lived. It tells the story of a family mess due to Zeus’ infidelity that gave birth to Heracles, a great Greek hero. The wife of Zeus, Hera, was indifferent to Heracles because of jealousy; she hated him so much that she wanted him gone.

While Heracles was battling Hydra, a crab made its way to Heracles and pinched his foot. The myth ends with Heracles smashing the crab with a single step.

But the fun storytelling does not end there! Among a plethora of myths includes how a giant crab attacked Hercules while he was on the second out of 12 labors he performed as atonement for killing his family. 

Cancer Constellation – The Crab

Who Are the Cancers?

Cancer is a water sign, which only means one thing: they are the biggest emotional people you will ever meet. But in a good way! It is easy for them to get attached or invested in something; it may be a material thing, a person, or a song.

They hold on to the littlest of things and have a big appreciation for them. The symbol for Cancer is heavily associated with womanhood. With that being said, it is expected for a Cancer to have the qualities of a mom. They are nurturing, caring, passionate, and loving.

As much as they love doing big things for other people (such as throwing a birthday party), they also live for small service acts. You would find them wake up 10 minutes earlier than you do so that they can make you your favorite coffee.

Look at your friend or relative who is a Cancer, and you will know for sure that there is more than what meets the eye. Just like the constellation, Cancers, albeit not visible, will always be there.

That is also one of their best qualities: you can count on them all the time. They would show you how dear and close you are to their hearts and always make time for you. After learning about all the technical details, it’s time to know more about what sits inside you, Cancer!

Explore more by reading your natal chart (which is intimidating first, but it really is fun!). This might help you flesh out your deep-seated emotions, which would be an exhilarating journey to self-discovery. Hoping you would enjoy your second trip to the stars!


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