Checking to see if a cancer and an aquarius would make a good couple? Contemplate these zodiac traits for Cancer and Aquarius compatibility.

What do you get when you mix air with water – chaos or serenity? This question is something to keep in mind when you think of Cancer and Aquarius coming together in a love affair.

If you’re already well acquainted with the fascinating world of astrology, then you know that this pairing falls into the classic category of opposites attracting. It’s an exciting relationship to witness because you never know if they’re still going to be together by the end of the year, month, or even the day.

This is what you can expect with the introverted Crab and the extroverted Water-bearer. Do you think these two have a shot at going the distance?

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility in Love and Life

See for yourself! Just keep reading to learn everything you should know about Cancer and Aquarius’ compatibility in love and life.

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility in Love

If these two somehow manage to find that magical spark when they cross paths, then they’re going to have to work really hard to maintain it – that is if they want to! There’s a lot of room for adjustment in their relationship. Cancer, being a water sign, tends to be incredibly sensitive. They’re the type of person who can really read into what you say.

Also, they can convince yourself that you meant one thing when you said something completely different. Yikes, right? On the other hand, there’s Aquarius, who’s too busy socializing and going out with friends to really care about the deep stuff. They both must compromise to have a satisfying relationship.

Being intimate can be a tricky maze to navigate for these two. Although Cancer is generally sensitive, they can be a little bit cold and distant when they feel like they need to define boundaries – like in the bedroom, for instance. Meanwhile, although they naturally have a go with the flow attitude, Aquarius can be too set in their own ways since they’re a fixed sign.

In that case, these two must both learn how to let go of their hang-ups to explore what they can enjoy together. If they’re able to do that, then it can actually be a perfect balance! Cancer can ensure that the sensual and loving element is there, while Aquarius can guarantee that it never feels boring.

Now, the good thing about this pairing is that they can easily understand each other’s drive. They know that they both want to achieve great things in life. Likewise, they’re willing to go to (almost) any measure to get what they want. A progressive Cancer and Aquarius couple would easily support each other in their respective endeavors. This can be one of their greatest strengths!

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility in Life

Even as friends, both Cancer and Aquarius can learn a lot from each other. As mentioned, Cancer is a water sign (along with Pisces and Scorpio). Contrary to popular belief, this actually makes them quite practical. Cancer can think things through before acting on a decision.

Meanwhile, the air sign, Aquarius, would much rather spend their time exploring what else is out there than dwelling on how something makes them feel or how a decision could affect them in the long run. If these two manage to put these qualities together and balance each other out, they can actually be quite a formidable partnership.

When Cancer and Aquarius are working together, you can bet that they can get things done with no problem. Cancer is a cardinal sign. This means that they enjoy getting things started. Once they set their minds on something, it would be challenging to sway them.

Meanwhile, Aquarius is a fixed sign, making it quite difficult to convince them to stray from the path they already envisioned in their minds. This shared perseverance is a great thing to have in any partnership.

Although they’re their own people, Cancer and Aquarius have the opportunity to boost their strengths. Also, they can minimize their shortcomings when they work together. Whether their romantic relationship is successful or not, it’s never a shame because they can always learn a lot of new, valuable things from each other.


Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility In Love and Life

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