Curious if that Cancer sign girl might be breaking up with you soon? Here are some signs that a Cancer woman is done with your relationship.

Cancers are calm in nature. They are the water signs, which means they feel things a bit more deeply than most people. At their best, they’re very kind and nurturing.

However, they can be quite moody too. For women, especially, their feminine nature makes them moodier than their male counterparts.

If you’re wondering if your Cancer woman is done with you, then take a look at her behavior, and you’ll figure it out. For instance, she may start spending more time alone until you realize that you haven’t seen her for some time already. 

7 Surefire Signs A Zodiac Cancer Woman Is Done With You

Want to know more about the signs that show she’s most likely not interested in you anymore? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Read these red flags below:

When A Cancer Woman Is Done With You

1. She’s ghosted you

A Cancer woman has a kind soul. Often, she could leave or go off the grid because she doesn’t want to confront you and talk about your relationship. She will become very nervous and feel threatened. If she demands you to give her space to gather her thoughts and emotions, she’s likely thinking your relationship through. And without any warning, she’ll start blocking until you acknowledge that she’s fine without you.

2. She avoids seeing you

Have you done something to make her feel used or disrespected? If so, then don’t be surprised if she’s trying to avoid you at all costs. That’s how she is. Gone is the girl who used to crave to be with you constantly. Instead, she’ll be the master of excuses so that she can push you away and ignore you. She likely won’t give you closure and leave you confused instead. 

3. She seems to have lost any romantic streak on her bone

You might have known best how your woman used to be so loving and intimate with you, but now that isn’t the case anymore. A Cancer female in love is no doubt caring and joyous. She’s a protective hen to everyone she holds dear. However, when someone hurts her, she will stop being emotionally vulnerable to that person. You may never see a glimpse of that romantic side of her again.  

Signs A Cancer Woman Is Done With You

4. She’s prone to sudden outbursts

When your girl can no longer take it, she can blow out our curse you. She’s a romantic at heart, but once her trust is broken, she’ll be on her full guard, and it’d be tough to get past her walls. She will show her displeasure to you without thinking of the outcome. All those bottled-up feelings and frustrations will burst one day. 

5. She feels discontented most times

Have you wronged her in some way? You should know that she can hold a mean grudge against you. If this happens, she will feel disconnected. Even when you’re together, she won’t be genuinely enjoying those times with you. Rather, she’ll ignore your efforts until she has lost attachment to you. She’ll try to hold on to her vindictive side for as long as possible, but then be prepared if you cross the line. 

6. She has become very secretive

On the outside, a Cancer woman looks incredibly friendly and jovial. However, like their animal symbol, the Crab, they’re not the most open people you’ll ever meet. In fact, they’d never reveal themselves unless you’ve proven your worth. If she wants to get done with you, she will start keeping things from you, especially if it involves her well-being. She’d become too secretive that you’d notice it soon enough. 

7. She isn’t communicating with you

When was the last time you had a real good conversation with your girl? Is she closing you out lately? A Cancer female’s first instinct who has resentment against her partner will be to avoid the guy. No matter how much you try to converse with her, she’d let you see how disinterested she is in talking with you. This may also be her way of controlling herself from lashing at you because she’s too soft-hearted to be the one to call it over. 


Surefire Signs A Cancer Woman Is Done With You

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