When your Cancer zodiac sign guy has been acting funny, remember these obvious signs that your cancer man may be done with you.

Has your Cancer man been distant with you lately? Knowing the telltale signs that he doesn’t like you anymore is crucial if you want to prepare yourself.

The thing about love is that it can be quite tricky. The worst scenario is when you’re the only one left in the boat. While love truly does prevail, there’s nothing much you can do when it’s one-sided.

Well, other than to move on, that. But this can be hard, especially if your guy is a Cancer native. He’s one of the best guys out there to be in a romantic relationship with. That said, can you know that he wants to call it quits already? Should you start setting yourself free?

6 Clear Signs A Cancer Man Is Done With You

Here is what his astrology sign can tell us and how you can know that he’s done with you.

When A Cancer Man Is Done With You

1. You haven’t met his family or friends yet

When a Cancer man has lost interest in you, this can manifest in the relationship between you and his dear ones. You should know that he’s the type to want to introduce his partner to his family, but only when the girl is the love of his life. If he hasn’t done that yet, then he may not be as invested as you are in your relationship. 

2. He’s suspiciously considerate

There’s a blatant difference between a man who’s a good person and a man in love. A Cancer guy in love is evident in his texts, calls, and conversations with you. If you’re now on the receiving end of curt yet still polite responses or random, senseless conversations, then odds are, he’s just considerate with you. He probably doesn’t have the heart to tell you he isn’t interested anymore. 

3. Romance has taken the back seat

Cancer men excel in the romance department. It’s just how the universe works. Remember those thoughtful gifts he gave you? What about those sweet surprises? Or even just the little yet touching things he said? However, if he’s done with you, you’ll know. Yes, you really will because all those romantic gestures will never make an appearance again. If you can’t remember the last time he did something romantic, then this is another red flag. 

Signs A Cancer Man Is Done With You

4. He no longer tells you things

When you’re in a romantic relationship with someone, it naturally means being part of your partner’s life and vice versa. Although it isn’t necessarily you who he talks to first about everything, you surely know what’s going on. If your Cancer man feels like a stranger, he likely doesn’t feel as strongly as he did for you before when he used to tell you things. You can try talking to him to see if it’s only a phase. If not, then it’s best to let it go. Call it off yourself. He might be waiting for you to do it so he won’t have to. 

5. He has grown cold and even rude

Cancerians, in general, are amazing people. Nevertheless, you may have met a jerk. Your Cancer guy can be that too if he doesn’t like you anymore. If not, he will take the nice guy approach who wants to break up but doesn’t have the heart. Either way, if your relationship continues, you’ll notice that he has gone cold. Later on, outbursts and fights will be inevitable, too. 

6. No intimacy. Nada. Nothing.

Still, aren’t you fully convinced that your man is tired of your relationship? If intimacy has long since been lost in your relationship, then it’s guaranteed that it’s over between you. A Cancer man, in particular, breathes romance and craves intimacy.

So, if both are out of the equation, then your relationship is basically doomed. It’s a good sign if he still responds to your advances, but if not, then it’s as good as over. You should salvage your heart and walk out. Being with a man who doesn’t love you will never lead to good things. Give it time, and maybe you’ll meet your dream man next. 


Clear Signs A Cancer Man Is Done With You

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