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6 Fantastic Tips On Raising Your Cancer Zodiac Child

Raising a child is already such a big undertaking. It can be even more of a challenge if you can’t get a complete read on your little one.

This can sometimes be if your child was born between June 21 and July 22 – astrologically speaking, that makes them Cancer! If you have no idea about zodiac signs, one of the first things you should know about Cancer is that they’re one of the three water signs (together with Scorpio and Pisces).

Water signs are infamous for having intense emotions and impressive intuition, which can be good or bad depending on the situation. Are you already seeing this characteristic in your little crab?

6 Fantastic Tips On Raising Your Cancer Zodiac Child

To know how to handle that and their other tendencies, read on to learn everything you need to know about raising a Cancer child. 

raising cancer zodiac sign kid

1. Provide them with as much familial support as you can

The fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancers are known for their nurturing, almost motherly nature. For Cancer children, this translates into the need to be surrounded by family at all times, for as much as they can. Although most people enjoy spending time with their families, this is especially important for this water sign because they thrive most in a comfortable situation where they’re allowed to be themselves. So make sure you provide your little one with as much familial support and love as necessary.

2. Let them have their head above the clouds

Another interesting thing about water signs is that they let their visions and daydreams take them everywhere. Your little crab is a natural-born dreamer, and no matter what, you should support their dreams! One way to do this is to be patient with them and answer every question they’ve got. Let your imagination run wild with theirs. It’s not only a great way to bond, but it can definitely help boost their confidence to know that someone believes in them.

3. Shower them with as much TLC as you can

They may not always show it, but young Cancerians enjoy physical affection just as much as the clingier kids out there. This is because they love to love and be loved, and touch is just one way to show it. Don’t be surprised when you see them attentively brushing back a doll’s hair; they really are just natural caregivers. Be sure to give them the same treatment through an abundance of hugs and kisses.

raising cancer zodiac sign child

4. Teach them healthy ways to express their emotions

As mentioned, Cancerians (like other water signs) feel things deeply for longer than other people do. For this reason, it’s important that starting at a young age, they understand that it’s completely normal to have certain seemingly uncomfortable emotions like sadness or anger. This is how you can begin teaching them to express such emotions in less destructive ways. For instance, instead of throwing a tantrum whenever they get frustrated, they could cultivate patience at a young age. Hence, they don’t set themselves up for disappointment when they’re older.

5. Don’t force them into conventional social situations

Much like a crab sulking in its own little shell, children who are Cancer signs enjoy having their own space. They like keeping things to themselves. Make sure to note this: do not egg your child into joining certain situations they will surely not enjoy. It’s better to let them branch out and socialize on their own, so they don’t resent uncomfortable social situations.

6. Pay careful attention to what you and others say to them

It can’t be emphasized enough that all young Cancerians can be quite sensitive. Therefore, you should always try to watch your words when you’re talking to them. That said, you can’t really control what other people will say to them when they’re out in the real world. So you could also protect them by teaching them to develop a toucher shell.

Final Thoughts

If you have a young crab in your life, then you are blessed with the kind of thoughtfulness and compassion that isn’t too common with children nowadays. Just be sure to give them a safe space, and you will always have a loyal companion in your life.


Tips On Raising Your Cancer Zodiac Child


8 Best Career Suggestions for Cancers – Career Paths For Cancer Signs

Curious about career paths and the best jobs for cancer signs? Consider these career suggestions for Cancer personalities.

Cancer is dubbed as the mother of the horoscope, thanks to its maternal nature. This means that Cancer signs are incredibly nurturing, meaning they enjoy cooking and just about anything domesticated or home-related stuff.

On the not-so-good side, they tend to be quite emotional, sometimes to the extent that it’s beyond rational, thus, getting them in trouble. In the workplace setting, they do things with efficiency and at the same time with remarkable sensitivity.

Like their animal representation, the Crab, Cancers are very soft inside, despite their hard armors. But it’s also because of their hard shells that they can thrive in professions that imply high levels of emotional stress. 

8 Best Career Suggestions for Cancers – Career Paths For Cancer Signs

Below are the eight best professions for a Cancer person like you:

best jobs for cancer zodiac

1. Interior Designer

Cancer zodiac signs are on their best element at the comfort of their homes. And because of this, they’re particularly invested in making their homes as comfortable and personalized as possible. As a Cancer yourself, you can also pour the same energy into other people’s homes. On top of that, you have this uncanny ability to understand what others want. You’re also drawn to roles that require creativity. All those things combined make you a perfect fit for an interior designer. 

2. Nurse

Having a job that allows you to help others is possibly the most suited for a nurturing person like you. A nurse is a very fulfilling yet also prestigious job. Your empathy, compassion, and intuition to care for the patients and their loved ones with sensitivity will shine brightly than ever. Thereby, no matter how tiring your job is, you always leave work feeling satisfied that you could help others with your own capabilities.

3. Social worker

Compassionate and supportive in nature, social work is a great fit for Cancers. You care and feel a lot, so naturally, you’d be attracted to this line of work. Sure enough, your selfless nature will be satisfied with attending and working for people’s rights and needs. 

4. Therapist

Your friends always go to you when they want someone to listen to their concerns. Being a great listener will come very much in handy in the therapy realm. Because of your sympathetic ear and emotional intuition to support, understand, and provide unbiased guidance, you’d make an excellent therapist. This job also allows you to work independently and create your own space–both of which are things you’re greatly drawn to. 

Career Paths For Cancer Signs

5. Architect

Like interior design, your love of creating the perfect home runs so deep into the roots that it can manifest in yet another strong desire to build the perfect houses for others. With your love for creativity thrown in the mix, it’s a profession where you’re primarily responsible for making your client’s vision into a reality. And your attention to detail will surely come out of the surface. 

6. Historian

Cancerians are dwellers of the past. They have this amazing ability to memorize every detail in the past. Like crabs, natives of this sign usually tie everything to the past as their way of comforting themselves. This incredible memory combined with a nostalgic soul could make you a great historian. It’s a career where reconstruction of the past is their main role, which will surely leave you feeling accomplished. Furthermore, your tendency to always show your feelings could make them convert this history into inspiring novels with incredible talent. 

7. Realtor

Again, Cancer-born individuals find the most pleasure in the comforts of home. Just this fact alone will undoubtedly allow them to dominate the real estate field. Being a realtor, in particular, requires strong intuition and sensitivity, and a Cancerian like you excels at those. You will be hunting out properties that your clients will love, and the satisfaction of helping others find a secure and perfect place to call home will always have you in triumph. 

8. Baker

You want to put smiles on people’s faces. You’re also a family-oriented person, and most often than not, cooking for your loved ones is one of your ways to show your love. For average Cancer signs like you, baking is your passion. A career in this field is a terrific way to make a living out of your passion and love for family. Once you’ve seen how much others love your bread and dessert, you’d never want that cycle to end. 

Final Thoughts

Whatever profession you try and pursue, keep in mind one thing–your own happiness. With your natural warmth and intuitive spirit, these will surely land you an amazing job. 


Best Career Suggestions for Cancers - Career Paths For Cancer Signs

5 Negative Traits And Weaknesses For Cancer Signs

Browsing for the bad parts of being a Cancer? These are some of the negative traits and weaknesses for Cancer signs.

Surrounding yourself with Cancer can be the best thing that will happen in your life, but it could also be the worst. These water signs, although very loving and compassionate, are far from perfect. Here are the things you have to watch out for as you walk on eggshells when they are around!

5 Negative Traits and Weaknesses For Cancer Signs


1. They are very moody

One of the things that you have to watch out for is their mood swings. For a second, they could be very jolly and then annoyed the next. The smallest things could set them off, from a very slight inconvenience in their life or even just how the way you talk would send them to a terrible mood.

It is best to know what they like or does not like, and as much as possible, refrain from exposing them to things that could ruin their day. Although unavoidable, the good thing about them is that they don’t get offended when you call them out for being insensitive. They would take this as constructive criticism and slowly unlearn the things that need improvement.

2. They are pessimistic

It is very exhausting to be around people who only see the negative side of things. But for Cancer, they see itself as being realistic. They tend to overthink and map out all the bad things that could happen and have a back-up plan if worse comes to worst. Not bad, right? But to some extent, this could not be very pleasant.

As mentioned, you could call them out for this, but this takes a lot of getting used to. They are known to have trust issues, so it is important always to reassure them and be there for them, especially when the going gets tough. They must be reminded that there are people who would stick with them no matter what happens.

3. They can be easily manipulated

Cancers are very gullible. It is ironic for someone with trust issues. But this is because they easily believe the people they are closest to. When it comes to their inner circle, they have no problem breaking down their walls and trust in them.

With that being said, it is important to watch out for other people who would take advantage of their innocent and genuine souls. And of course, to be not that friend who betrays their trust! These people should not be taken for granted, as they only want what’s best for everyone.

4. They are unpredictable

Did your Cancer friend decide that she wants pizza for dinner? Hold that thought, sister. She might change her mind at the last minute. This is very hassling, especially when you have things sorted out, but this is something that Cancers can’t help.

They could get very unpredictable and tend to ruin things for everyone, especially when they get insensitive and fail to look at things in a bigger picture. Again, you could call them out for this, and they won’t get offended, but it still does not make their drastic change in actions any less annoying! 

5. They are capable of holding grudges

You would not want to get to their bad side because they can hold it against you. Once you do them wrong, do not expect them to just easily forgive and forget, especially when you are someone dear to them. They treasure the closest people in their lives and give their full trust, and the moment you betray them, they would keep on bringing it back or sit in silence while they hate you from a distance.

This is something that they could really work on, especially when it gets toxic and unreasonable. But don’t worry, once the both of you can compromise and meet halfway, things would go back to normal in no time.

They might be a pain in the ass, but they are YOUR pain in the ass. It sure is a lot of work, but they are still the same sweethearts you met before. Just like with anything else, communication is key! Once things get out of hand, you can sit down and talk with them. Here is to better relationships – romantic or not.


Cancer Sign Negative Traits And Weaknesses You Should Know About

6 Things Only True Cancer Signs Understand

Considering what a cancer sign’s strengths are? There are unique qualities for this water sign and things only true Cancers would understand.

Whether your fate of being a Cancer is proof of the influence of the stars on your traits or the fact that you simply just happened to be a summer baby, you’re here now. And true enough–most of you, if not all, are living the struggles, or uniqueness rather, of being a Cancer that no other sign can understand.

Sensitivity is one of the defining characteristics of a Cancer-born individually. And apparently, according to many, they’d start crying when something oh-so-slightly tickles their emotions.

Welp, not entirely true, you know. Needless to say, many Cancerians have it tough, no thanks to the fallacious perspective of many towards them. 

Things Only Cancer Signs Understand

Are you a Cancer yourself? Gather around and let’s talk about the things only we can understand.

cancer star sign zodiac

  1. We are water babies.

It seems like our water connection is both in a figurative and literal sense. This is probably why we love all bodies of water. We enjoy rain a lot, which makes sense of how much we love showering and bathing. Though not necessarily a great swimmer, we do are in our element when in the water. 

  1. It’s also tiring having to feel so deeply.

Cancer is the most sensitive sign, not even our fellow water signs can beat us. What others don’t know is that it’s not just unbearing for those around us but also for ourselves. Going through a rollercoaster of emotions is a normal occurrence for us. Often, this leads to draining us both emotionally and physically. 

  1. With how much we feel, we could pass off as Oscar nominees.

Of course, we don’t just suddenly burst into tears, but two things are for sure–we laugh the loudest and cry the hardest. When we start getting emotional, you’d best get some tissues on you coz you probably can’t help but cry with us. We are that, um, expressive. 

  1. A recluse, that’s what we are.

Home is the safest place for people like us. But sometimes, we get caught up with our self-made reality that they forget there’s a real-world where our family and friends are. When we’re hurt, we retreat to our shell and can sometimes become reclusive that it’d be hard for others to reach us. The recovery road is slow yet steady so kindly bear with us.

  1. Traveling? Sure! But we get homesick, too.

Leave it to us to spend hours organizing an itinerary for a vacation to Europe, but then ending up at a local beach instead. Yep, that’s how much we love our homes. So, try not to get us rope into an unplanned long vacation–we’d book a plane ticket home right away. 

  1. We can hold a mean grudge.

We are dwellers of the past. As such, we don’t move on easily. Do me wrong or any of my loved ones, then expect me to hold a grudge like nobody’s business. We don’t do fights or badmouth, but we do it in a ‘classy’ way–let that person go and act as if they’ve never existed. 


Things Only True Cancers Will Understand

8 Strengths of Cancer: Best Parts About Being A Cancer Sign

Searching for Cancer strengths to show off to your zodiac friends? Here are the best parts about being a cancer sign.

If you have a Cancer sign in your life, then you’re lucky because you’ve found yourself one of the most loyal creatures as your person. Or if you’re a Cancer-born individual yourself, then odds are your loyalty to everyone you hold dear runs so deep.

As a water sign, you have this uncanny ability to understand even the most intense emotions, despite having a calm front. In fact, you’d take time to understand and process your and others’ emotions truly.

This is probably why many see you as an over-thinker and sensitive person. But you shouldn’t see this as faults because these qualities make Cancers like you amazing because of your caring nature.

Cancers also have this “I feel” motto, and they truly live by it, as they have an incredible grasp of everything around them. Something’s bothering you? Your Cancer friend will be able to detect your worries from a mile away. They could even read your mind. Talk about hyper-intuitive, huh?

Strengths of Cancer: Best Parts About Being A Cancer Sign

Below are other strengths of Cancer that make them oh-so-special.

strengths of cancer

1. Great attention to detail

Among the zodiac signs, Cancers are the most particular when it comes to details. No matter how much you babble, they’ll catch on to even the most subtle hints and unspoken words. They know your interests and likes even without you telling them with words. Because of their attentive personality, they know exactly how to make their dear ones happy and feel loved.

2. Strong, independent people

Cancers may be known for being sensitive people, but this doesn’t mean they’re weak. Quite the opposite, actually. Even when life throws them lemons, they’ll always find a way to make lemonade. Rather than giving up, they’d work through their problems. Also, even when they’re having a bad day, Cancers are the type to suck it up so everyone around them won’t be affected by the negativity. 

3. A good judge of character

Someone is being fake on a Cancer? Nah, that’s just purposely setting himself or herself up. Cancers have this strong ability that can sense lies and bullshit. They’re honest people, so they like others to extend the same courtesy as well. Once they know you’re fake, they won’t spare you another second. They may read your mind and heart, but they aren’t too cruel either to misuse your weak points. 

4. Dispute resolvers

Being unbiased, not to mention their dislike for fights, make Cancers great peacemakers. And because of this, they’re also capable of seeing several angles to any situation, likely putting out the drama instead of stirring things up. 

best parts of cancer sign

5. Always accepting of emotions

In the zodiac world, it’s wrong to equate an emotional person to a crying mess. This is especially the case with Cancer individuals. Their heightened emotions make them more in tune with their inner turmoil and emotions, as well as those around them. Cancers would encourage and accept emotions, including the negative ones. Get angry upset at them, but they won’t judge you. 

6. Gifted

It seems like Cancers are those people who have the art down pat. Whether it’s painting, writing, filming, calligraphy, or any other type of art, they have high chances of excelling at it. They will challenge themselves in as many creative fields as they can. But more importantly, they like sharing their art to the extent that they bring out others’ creative sides in them. Stick with your Cancer friend. Who knows, you might channel your photographer’s side. 

7. Naturally caring

Cancer is an exemplary representation of motherhood, thanks to their very caring instinct. The crab always carries a shelf to protect itself, and likewise, Cancers protect those they hold dear, like a mother or father to their children. Once a Cancer person has taken you under his/her “shell,” you bet you will have them taking care of you till the end. However, don’t let their caring nature fool you. Cancers won’t easily open their hearts to just anyone. 

8. Compassionate and empathetic

Cancer is an extremely giving sign, so much so that it’s common for them to show enormous acts of generosity to their loved ones randomly. There’s no hidden agenda whatsoever–they just like making their people happy. And if you need someone to listen to you without fear of being judged, go to a Cancer. They’re empathetic at hearts, so they will truly understand where you’re coming from. 


Strengths Of Cancer Signs Best Parts About Being A Cancer